Intel unveils the world first wine powered computer processor

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Have you ever thought of powering your processor with such minute energy? Well somebody has been thinking.

Intel an American multinational company is the world largest company that makes semiconductor chips. It was founded on July 1968 and the name Intel was coined from the two words "integrated electronics".

The giant integrated electronics company believe the future of chips begins with ultra low power computer chips and to this was a forum where low powered processors where being discussed "Intel developer forum IDF in San Francisco ". And in September 2013 Intel displayed the world first wine powered computer processor.

This new renovation in the world of technology was demonstrated on the last day of the forum by Intels anthropologist and researcher Genevieve Bell. The chip was connected to a wine glass and when the doctor poured in red wine into the glass, the acetic acid in the booze reacts with two electrodes chips in the wine glass generating a minute current which was enough to power the low power chip-set.

Intel believes that this renovation is far from its time and its practical applications are yet to be unveiled but still believe there will be several alternative source of electrical energy for processor soon and that these alternate sources would include the use of body temperature.

Dr Bell also demonstrated some ideas on eliminating passwords for mobiles which includes the voice recognition system which unlocks the mobile phone when it recognizes the voice of its owner. This one has been said to be a problem in the real noisy world. Another showoff was the accelerometer which could record her pattern of movement of the limbs while walking.

It is obvious that Intel has a lot of technology renovations going on but they still ask us not to expect them in the market soon.

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