iPad Air 2

    Apple has recently officially announced their new iPad: iPad Air 2, which tend to be very thin and powerful, you might not want to put it down. It 18% thinner (6.1mm thin) and weighs about 0.96 pounds. Awesome!
Now let’s look around this new tablet.

Weight and dimensions

The tablet is 9.4 inches (240 mm) of height and 6.6 inches (169.5) wide. It is 0. 24 inch (6.1mm) of depth and 0.96 (437 g) weight. while the Wi-Fi + cellular model weighs 0.98 pound (444 g).


 Apple reduced the distance of the LCD layer so as to increase sensitivity to finger touch. So when you touch the screen it feel like you touching your content and at the same time tracks your finger more accurately creating more reality in the usage like when playing games.


 iPad Air 2 is not only thinner and lighter it is also very powerful, the CPU is of the 64-bits desktop class architecture with a powerful A8X chip making it as powerful as many personal computers. The iPad Air 2 also has a CPU speed 40% faster than other tablets 

Biometric fingerprint based security

    iPad Air 2 comes with the latest and strongest security technology so far as its uses the most unique password in nature “the fingerprint” .  You can now conveniently unlock your device. This security goes as far as buying from iTunes, iBooks and app store with your fingerprint as the password. Incredibly some apps on the iPad Air are touch ID integrated so you need not to type but just your fingerprint to sign in or sign up. Your personal details and your password are not share or stored on iCloud but kept in your tablet. To activate or unlock your device with your finger print all you need do is place your finger on the home button and it’s all done. Awesome!

    The apple iPad Air 2 comes with two amazing cameras which ia an advancement of iSight camera which is currently the best iPad camera. These cameras have power powerful Apple designed image signal processor with new features such as time lapse video, panorama and timer mode. Even the front face camera has a larger pixel for low-light video which aid in video calls.

Wireless speed
    iPad Air two has a Wi-Fi speed more than two times greater than that of other iPad devices making it more convenient for online video streaming, downloading and many more. The model with both cellular and Wi-Fi has faster and more advanced LTE technology. The cellular model let you choose from a variety of carriers for fast connections.

iOS 8
     This device comes with the most advanced mobile OS ever: iOS 8. This OS was built to take full advantage of the powerful A8X chip, fast wireless and the retina display and the ability to pick on event and automatically add it to your calendar. The iOS 8 also aid developers with new tools when it comes to building awesome apps.

This device is up for sale on the apple official site: www.apple.com/ipad-air-2/ with the following capability and their respective price

Wi-Fi                Wi-Fi + cellular

16GB                     16GB
$499                        $629

64GB                      64GB
$599                        $729

128GB                    128GB
$699                         $829

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