Combustible fuel car is not only harmful to our pocket but also to our ecosystem. Electric cars have been an alternative but here comes a better option “THORIUM POWERED CAR”

                This idea of powering a car using a radioactive metal thorium was introduced by Laser Power System. This is a company founded in 2007 with the basic concept of powering laser using thorium.

                Thorium is a radioactive metal with the symbol ‘Th’ and has atomic number 90. It is one of the densest materials known in nature. Thorium appears silvery in nature often with black tarnish. Thorium is one of the three radioactive elements (including Bismuth and Uranium) that still occur in nature. It produces about 90 times much energy as Uranium and a fraction of waste which are not used for making bomb.

                Thorium was discovered by Morten Throne Esmark in 1828 and was named after the Norse god of thunder by a Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius. Thorium was first used by Alvin M. Weinberg in the molten salt reactor.

How it works
                The working principal of this car is that Thorium powers a laser beam which generates a huge amount of heat; this heat is used to boil water into steam this steam is then used to move the mechanical parts of the vehicle engine making it move and this process can continue for hundred years nonstop.

                Laser Power System CEO, Charles Steven assured that the car is not radioactive, a single sheet of aluminum foil is enough to protect passengers from the radiation when in the vehicle and in his words he said you will get more radiation from one of those dental X-rays than from the vehicle

                This concept can also be used as alternative to power electric generators in home or towns.

                 But the deadline of every product is with the consumers; would you drive a car powered by thorium or prefer to generate electricity in your homes with Thorium element? 

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