Best home security and Monitoring device - Kuna


Kuna secures and monitors your home in disguise of a lamp which is unlike every other security camera.

Kuna is a water prove WiFi camera and outdoor light that connects to your smartphone. It has a microphone which make you not only see what is happening outside your home but also listen to discussions and with the aid of the inbuilt speaker you can actually talk to the person standing outside your door.

With Kuna you can trigger a 100dB alarm if necessary.

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Kuna alerts you via push notification directly on your smartphone so you can see or speak to who ever is standing at the door where ever you are.

It also has features like person detection technology, motion activated lighting, light timer and remote control access which means that you can use Kuna where ever you are, whether you are at home office or in the store.

The smart security lamp comes in different size and design at a cost of about 150USD.
It will be cool to have one around you home!
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