whatsapp one of the top instant messenger for smart phones now on PC without emulator

Your awesome instant messenger whatsapp now allows you to install the software on your PC and keep in touch with your friends as if you have installed it on your smart phone. Whatsapp is one of the biggest social network applications that have acquired lots of audience.

The introduction of whatsapp to PC is really a great development. You wouldn't need an emulator like bluestack to access whatsapp on your PC, now you can access whatsapp on your PC directly without the help of emulators.

Emulators are software that aid in the use of mobile platform programmed applications to work on a PC platform, they are mostly used by programmers to test their applications. News from official blog of whatsapp informs us on how whatsapp can be accessed on PC, with the help of web browsers, that is, you can access whatsapp using Google chrome plug-in.

To get started, simply connect your web browser to the whatsapp client, by opening http://web.whatsapp.com via your Chrome browser, then you would see a QR code, scan the code that is inside the whatsapp and this would pair the whatsapp on your mobile phone to that of your web client and you are good to go. If you don't have Google Chrome installed on your PC click here to install
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