J - deite: Robot made with the Transformer Technology by Japanese developers

The robotic technology has been motivated severally by the Hollywood science fiction and alien movies, the movie “Transformer” has not been left out as in the movie robots turn to vehicle. Two Japanese engineers Kenji Ishida and Watur Yoshizaki have been working on making such robot and here they come with a positive result.
The machine, which is called the J-deite Quarter, has the ability to go from robot to it turns into a two - seater sports car, it weighs about 30kg, is 1 .3 m tall (4 .3 ft), and walks at a speed of 1 kilometer per hour. In car form, it can get up to a 10 kilometer an hour, grip objects, pose
It runs on V-Sido, a proprietary software system developed by Ishido’s partner Wataru Yoshizaki of Asratec Corp. It is powered with a 3 kW battery that lasts up to an hour per charge and can operate for roughly one hour on a single charge.
Despite the diminutive size, the robot is unmistakably part of the Transformer family. Officially known as J-deite Quarter because its one-fourth of the final planned size, the roughly 5 ft tall humanoid robot’s 77 lb- pound body is covered in blue car body panels and the face has the grim, determined look of Optimus Prime.

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The goal of Project J-deite is building of a giant transformable robot of 5 m long. It is the same size as a car. An object of the same size transforms, walks, and runs.” It’s not clear, though, if this robot will, when it’s in car mode, also accommodate a driver.

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