7 Important steps to Speed Up Android Phone Performance

Your Android device is worth a lot to you, to some of us it is like a PC in our pocket. It has all the fun in it and all the possible aids we need for our day to day activities.

A slow Android device is quite annoying, click on an app and it takes like centuries to open and perform regularly. This is the last thing you should expect from your fun PC in the pocket

I have passed through it too and have made a lot of research now Ive gotten 7 hit on the head tips to speed up your Android device.

These are how to speed up your Android device

  • Close apps when not in use

Letting an unused app run is just giving your Android device an extra work to do when you dont even need I to do the work. These slows down your Android device as it has to share resources evenly for the app you left running and the ones you really need to use at that particular time.

So to speed up your Android device I strongly advice you close all running app that are not in use.

  •   Clean up the App Cache Memory

All Android apps store their data within the App cache memory and later recall the data by using your system resources very often which slow down your Android device. Due to this, your smartphone's internal memory also gets reduced. You can repair this and speed up Android phone performance by clearing your Android app cache data from the memory within the settings of every app.

However, if you have got too many apps, it will take much time to clear your App cache manually. You might like to read how to increase internal memory in Android

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  • Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

We know that, applications make the smartphones even smarter. But wait, having too many apps can severely kill your system resources. As a result, installing too many apps can lead to always running innumerous processes within the background which may result in slowing down of your Android smartphone.

To repair this drawback of your phone to speed up Android phone performance once more, you've got to uninstall the unnecessary Android apps.

How to uninstall an Android application from your smartphone
Go to manage applications option, found under Settings.
Then, simply select any Android app that you wish to uninstall and click on uninstall.

Then, a pop up window will appear confirming Do you want to uninstall this app? Click on Yes/OK and the app will be uninstalled.

Alternative Method:

Go to App Menu and find the app you wish to uninstall. Tap over the app and hold it for some time. Then, an option to simply Uninstall will appear. Select it and app will be removed from your device.

This is the simplest and most effective way how to speed up Android phone.

  • Turn off the Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Lots of apps that are internet based like Facebook tweeter Gmail always connect with the web for real-time updates.

This tends to drain your battery power and at the same time give the processor a lot of work always. Turn off your data connection or Wi-Fi to save some battery and help your Android device be up to speed.

To turn off the mobile data connectivity, go to data usage under settings option and simply turn it off.
Now, youve completed another step to speed up your Android phone performance.
Lets move to the next step.

  • Remove the Unnecessary Widgets
When an app is newly installed, a shortcut is automatically created for easy access of the app, these shortcuts are called widget. These shortcuts tend to eat up your device memory making it slow.

Also some external launchers come with a lot of widgets, removing the unnecessary ones speeds up your Android device and at the same time free some space on your Android device.

  • Adjusting Brightness

Using high brightness settings also reduce your battery and device performance. So, to enable power saving mode merely adjust your brightness time to time. I would recommend you to use automatic brightness option and reduce the sleep time in your Android device to save battery life and speed up Android phone performance.
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  • Install some speed up (Task Killers)apps

Sometimes your Android device have several apps running underground, and this apps tends to slowdown the Android device as the processor already have a lot to work on. To end these underground programs you need to install some speed up apps.

These speed up apps have been programed to kill all underground running apps except your Android OS which is responsible for the device function.

Some of the free speed up apps includes:

Clean Master (from Cheetah Mobile);
ES Task Manager (from ES App Group);
Task Killer (from Battery Doctor);
DU Speed Booster;
Super Task Killer Fast Booster (from Net Queen mobile security).

To download and install a speed up app
This is very easy. Go to Google Play Store search for any of the speed up app
Click install. The will be a pop up of what is required by the app
Accept them then it downloads and automatically installs.

Bonus tip:
  •    Clean up Bluetooth share history
This is the pop up you get after a file has been transferred to or from your Android device and it contains a duplicate of the file transferred save it as a transfer history. This history ia about the size of the original file but this time stored on your system memory. It eats up your system memory and slows down your android device.

To clear Bluetooth share history

Immediately after a transfer has been made draw down you device notifications bar, you will have a notification with the name tag Bluetooth share history.
Click on it, it opens all your Bluetooth history.
Click option and select clear all
Do the same for DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD


Well I hope this article was helpful to you guys?

If you know any other tips to speed up Android phone performance and would like to add in this article, feel free to comment below.

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