Android OS on a kitchen knife with Samsung galaxy Blade Edge

Cooking is becoming very smart as Samsung mobile release their most resent smart cutlery the Samsung galaxy blade edge. It has been called by many the cooking companion.
Samsung galaxy blade edge is a Smart mobile phone with the features of Samsung galaxy S6 including Android OS embedded in a knife.



Samsung galaxy blade edge is design with patented ceramic body but still is as light as plastic and even as tougher than stainless steel. Beautify with a screen touch and transparent edges.
It has a diamond knife edge making it very sharp and able to cut through virtually anything. With this knife you can cut your soft tomatoes, vegetable and fruits without having any stocked on the edge.

It comes with an anti - virus that detect bacterial and unwanted materials in the ingredient of the food

Finger safety

With the Samsung galaxy Blade edge you never have to worry about cutting yourself as it has a human flesh detection mechanism. All you have to do is scan your fingerprint on the device home button and it will automatically activate the finger detection mechanism.

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Human blood sensor

Another awesome feature is the human blood sensor which automatically makes an emergency call whenever the blade comes in contact with human blood. This makes it impossible for the blade to be used in violent situation without alerting the government officials

Water – and fire – proves

You must have wondered if the device will not damage with time when exposed to water and heat in the kitchen or falls of a chef’s hand. It is highly protected with water- and fire – prove coating. So it can be washed after use and sanitized like other cutleries.

S – Thermometer
The Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge comes with a wireless thermometer that helps you check on the temperature of whatever you are cooking of whatever you have in the oven to know when it is good enough to be taken out of the oven.


The Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge comes with the ultra 4D Curved Flash (U4CF) to compact to its curve nature. This NAND flash memory technology seems to be better compared with the previous 3d vertical stacking technology.

Samsung kitchen and chef collections

The mobile device comes with collections of the Samsung Kitchen app; this automatically connects the Samsung chef appliance in the kitchen environment. With this you can control the oven and at the same time notify you when the oven is done with its heating.


The device comes with a 16MP camera which enables you take picture of your food and even make them look like an art work.
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