Top 5 apps that will aid in boosting your android phone speed

Android is a device that has been everyone’s dream years ago, but fortunately now dreaming to have one is no longer because android device is just everywhere. Most mobile phone company now run their device on this platform making it easier and cheaper to get anywhere in the world
Having a slow android phone is definitely annoying and from my previous post 7 important steps to speed up android phone performance you can get steps to make your phone faster and also discover that trash and junk files are responsible for slowing down android devices
In this post we will be talking about applications that can aid in cleaning the trash, junk files and even optimize your android device

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is another powerful booster for android that comes with an antivirus security feature. It tends to increase the speed of your android device by about 60%. It has the feature of cleaning junk files left by old applications or unused files on the mobile memory. DU speed booster also has this feature of clearing open apps when not in use to free up RAM space at the same time you can use DU speed booster to install APK files that are stored in your phone memory and on the other hand uninstall those ones you are done with.

You can even boost the speed of your game with the DU Speed Booster.

DU Apps, the programmers of DU Speed Booster also have some other apps that aid your mobile device functionality like DDU Battery that aids in battery usage.

Clean Master

This is a free application programmed by Cheetah Mobile that comes with a junk file cleaner which cleans file created by already uninstalled applications as well as temp files. It is also packed with a memory saving phone boost tools antivirus is no exception of the content of this awesome cleaning app as it has a pre - installed antivirus. It is free, simple to use, highly rated and save to use


This is software by Piriform which has been working perfectly for windows machines but now has been introduced also to the fast growing android platform. It helps to clean the trash files on your android device and keep your device up to speed. It has been referred to a multipurpose trash cleaning app because of the fact that it goes as far as cleaning your app cache, download folders, browser history, and other unwanted files. You can even use this application to clear your call log and your SMS history selectively or in bulk. Like the previous two it comes with an application manager that allows installation and uninstallation of apps easily. It comes with a meter for your CPU and RAM usage as well as a temperature and battery tool.

AVG Cleaner and Battery Saver

This is an application from one of the powerful antivirus programmers AVG. this application is used to clear and clean junk files and unwanted apps from your device’s internal and SD card to help boost speed and make space and make space for the apps and other multimedia files.
It also clears call log clear file larger than 5MB optionally from your device, clears out email history, browser history and clipboard. This app also informs you about application that you don’t use more often so if you wish you can uninstall them.

As a joint application it comes with a battery watch and optimization for battery saving when using your device.

System Cleaner for Android

This is also an awesome application for trash cleaning that works pretty cool. Clears trash, free space for system use, free RAM and like the CCleaner it can be used to clear call log and SMS. It clears browser history as well.
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