5 First Features to check on before buying any Android Device

A lot of android devices are in the market now, and up for sale at various price. It is becoming difficult to pick a phone out of these various brands and makes of Android devices and majority don’t even know what to look at when picking one out of them all.

Well here are the first five features to look out for before buying an android device. But before going through all of these you should definitely know what exactly you want to use the Android device for; gamming, just social life, programming and so on.

Number 1: Battery life span

Before you decide if to buy an Android device, first you should check on the battery life span. This is the power life of the device so if you are buying the device for gamming, programming or even just mare use this should be the first thing you consider because without the battery you cannot even use your Android device for anything.
Check on the life span for the device when on 2G, 3G, on call time, and stand by time (when not in use). Get enough time for your device use.

Number 2: The processor speed
The processor is a semiconductor material that performs most of the logical and mathematical problems in the device. It is more like the brain of the device and the speed of the brain should definitely be the second thing to check on. The processor speed determines how fast the device will operate and respond to operations.
This must be taking into consideration if the device is to be used for gamming, programming and other sophisticated operations.
Number 3: The device Random Access Memory (RAM)
RAM is known to be the working space of any device, and it is one of the most important features to check on before buying any Android device. Permit me to use a football field to define the RAM, if the football field is big enough, the football player will have enough space to showcase and perform well but if not the performance will be limited. So RAM provides space for the working process on the device. High ram of about 3GB and 4GB is effective and enough for gamming and programming, but for just social life 2GB is enough, depending on how social you want to go.
That is simply why you need to check on the device RAM before buying.

Number 4: The device internal memory
Internal memory otherwise called the ROM is the space provided for storage of media file internally in the device. Files stored in the internal memory of a device are saver than those stored just on external SD, this is because the external SD can be removed by a predator and easily accessed, but when stored in the internal memory there only get access when they have access to your device password.
Another important file that should be stored in the device internal memory is the media files for games and other Android Applications. The applications you use are better stored in the internal memory of the device should incase the external SD gets missing or corrupted.
So for social, gamming, programming and even personal use, you need enough internal memory. 4GB is good for a start, but there are devices with 32GB internal memory

Number 5: Device camera
This feature is specifically for those who want to use their Android device just for social and personal use. This is when you check if the device has a primary and secondary camera (the front and back camera). You also check on the mega pixels of the camera, phase detection/laser autofocus, optical image stabilization, LED flash, sensor size, simultaneous video and image recording, face detection and so on.

Other features you can check on after the first 5

Body dimension, body weight:

Screen status (resolution, type, size, protection type)

After checking through all this features I believe you should get the perfect Android device that you need. And if you need more help with picking an Android device you can comment below or comment on our Facebook page.
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