How to Speed up blackberry handheld

Blackberry devices have been around for years and have been advancing year after year. The speed of this device is dependent on data stored on the device. Some have large storage space while other (normally the older version) has a lower storage space.

We have always known log to be the history of operation and it is always stored somewhere in the phone memory.

There are different logs stored on the phone memory and the way this log are stored makes the application which they operate on increase in size, and with that reduce the speed on the blackberry device.

1. Clear call log, read SMS and Emails

You might want to clear your call log or SMS history that will help in speeding up your blackberry device. Simply go to SMS or call log and clear them the way you want. It is advised to also clear read Emails from the handheld. You can delete an Email in such a way that it is still on your Email service provider but no longer on your handheld.

2. Clear up history

Another way of speeding up your blackberry device is by clearing your browser history. You might have more than one browser of your blackberry device combined with your native browser. You will have to clear up their history so as to have an effective speed on your device

3. Clear up social media chat history

Blackberry has been an effective device to be up to date with your social life. And with this you will be having a lot of messages and notifications from your social medias like the native one for all BlackBerry device "blackberry messenger 'BBM'" and Facebook or instant messenger like whatsapp and yahoo messenger

4. Uninstall app that are not in use.

You must have downloaded some app from the store sometimes ago just for a purpose or just because of the advert. If you don't need these apps anymore do your blackberry device the good of uninstalling them. This frees up some space on the application memory, making your device faster in speed and response.

5. Clearing up operation log

You might not be familiar with this but it is effective and necessary. The way you operate your phone, what and what you do with your phone, applications that you open or close, all are stored in the operation log. You don't easily access this log like your phone log but with the aid of some tricks which I will share here you will be able to access and even clear the operation log.

How to access and clear operation log

To access this log you just have to be on the home screen, hold the 'alt' key and at the same time tap these keys 'lglg'. The log automatically shows up on the screen.

Tap the blackberry key so that some options will pop up.

Then you can select clear from the options provided after tapping the blackberry key.

This frees space for operation on your blackberry device. 
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