How to use Android Applications on Windows desktop

Android platform has been a very impressive experience ever since the beginning till now with the Android OS 5.1 Lollypop.

A lot of us must have wanted to use some of our awesome Android Application like Whatsapp, Wechat and even the latest Facebook Hello dialer on our Windows PC. Well there is definitely a way for everything, just follow me step after step carefully.

Step 1

Open your browser on your PC and go to Click on 'get Genymotion' and select the free version

You simply have to sign up and order to download Genymotion by simply filling the signup information and click signup.

Step 2

Go to your Email box and click on the link to activate your Genymotion account.

Step 3

After your account is activated you can download the Genymotion setup. Select the supported version for your Windows

Step 4

Install the Genymotion setup file to your system by double clicking on the file and clicking 'next' severally. It will take some minutes to complete the installation. 

Step 5

Now you must have gotten the Genymotion installed on your computer system, now lunch the Genymotion and to select the available device log in to your Genymotion account.
Select the device and the OS you want for the emulator.

Step 6

After selecting the device and OS you click play to startup the Genymotion, it may take up to six minutes. Now it is set to go.

Step 7

Download and install any android application from the Google app store using the emulator then you can open the application using the Genymotion.

Follow these steps and believe me you will enjoy your Android applications on your Windows system.

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