LG brings more personality to Android device with LG AKA (review)

You must have had this feeling sometimes that your mobile device is just like your best friend. Knows who you call and those you call more often, knows your current location, and with some android app like Google Now you might be advised to do some things or visit some places.

Some android apps also allow you talk to your device, and some make your device talk back to you. Awesome! But what do you think about your device looking back at you?

LG has recently announced an Android device that looks just at you with big anime eyes, LG Aka family (pronounced as “AW-kuh”). This is a family of four: Soul (blue colored), YoYo (pink), Wooky (white), Eggy (yellow). They all look at you with different smiles.

Eggy (the yellow one) has been said to fall in love easily. The white one “Wooky” always speaks in slangs while the blue Aka “Soul” loves music and bear, while the female in the family “Yo-Yo” enjoys styles

The devices are packed with so many features which are outlined.

Full spec of the LG AKA

Android OS 4.4.2 KitKat with AKA notifications and Optimus UI (not upgradeable to lollopop)

Dedicated mic for noise cancellation

Snapdragon 400 chipset with quad – core Cortex A7 processor and Adreno 305 GPU

1.2GHz processor speed

1.5GB of RAM

16GB of inbuilt storage, with microSD slot up to 32GB

8MP rear camera, with laser assisted auto focus and an LED flash

2.1MP front camera

Accelerometer and proximity sensor

2.610mAh battery
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