Soon Hologram will present Android platform on skin – Cicret Bracelet

The Cicret Bracelet is a wearable device that tends to display the full features of an Android device (tablet) right on your arm.
It works with hologram display, blipping light rays on your arm that projects the smartphone screen. With this waterproof bracelet you can access and control your android device.

To start up the device you just need to shake your arm and the device is activated. It works perfectly on any skin color and can be operated with the finger
The development team of the device said the device has an inbuilt microprocessor, micro USB port, Bluetooth and WiFi chips, memory card and LED light.
This will be full Android device on human arm. And I think it will be awesome. The development team is working on prototype and is seeking about 1 million Euros. So they have opened up a public fund collection on their site.

The technology behind it all

The pico projector projects the interface of the Android device on your arm.

When you put your finger on the interface, you finger tends to stop the 8 long range proximity sensor.

The sensor sends the information of the position of your finger back to the processor which is in the Cicret Bracelet.
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