The Popular and effective UC Web Browser now on pc up for download

UC Web has been running things on java mobile for years. We have always had one or two reasons to use UC web even if we have other web browsers installed on our java mobile device.
Most of our BlackBerry devices have the squirrel application on it. We have known this application to be UC Web.  We moved on to Symbian they moved with us. Apple made us have to use a shielded mobile phone with a lovely platform but the UC never left us.
Google came with an awesome platform “Android” but UC did not relent but also lunched their browser on the APK platform with their wonderful performance.
The fantastic features of this awesome browser have forced a lot to use emulators for this app on their PCs. Well there is good news UC Web is now on PC platform without emulator.
Recently some group of company apart from the one following us up with the mobile application has decided to design a desktop version of this already well known UC Web Browser but with the same appearance and functionality.
The browser is still dependent on Java for a complete and successful runtime but you don’t have to worry much about this and there are no other compulsory requirements for the use. This requirement is due to the embedded emulator.
Enough of the computer science terms let’s talk about the downloading and use of this new UC Web Browser.

How to download the UC Web Browser for PC

For the sake of simplicity and ease, I have decided to make it easy for the download of this software just click here the download process will start up immediately 
After downloading, you install the downloaded exe extension file.  
After the installation (clicking couples of next and accepting the terms and conditions), then have fun with the app.

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