Top 10 must have Android applications in 2015

2015 has been a very busy year for android programmers and they have definitely not been wasting their time. There have been lots of new apps and advancements in the existing ones in this incredible year 2015.
Some of the application you just can’t do but download in this month will be mentioned, if your best Android application is not mentioned feel free to add yours using our comment box below

Android application one:   Yallo
Yallo is an Android Application that is developed for users that makes lots of call using their Android device.  It has functions you possible will not just get with normal dialer, like automatic redialing in case your call dropped before pickup, call recording and transcription options.
Using Yallo you get about 400 minutes free for a start but you will have to pay for call time if you are making non- Yallo – to – Yallo calls.

Android application two:    Google Now

Google now has been around for a while now on the Android platform and has been competing with IOS sari and Microsoft Cortana. There have been lots of additional features to this wonderful Android application.
Some of the added features are the recommendation of playlist for user, breaking news from circa, ABC and Feedly. You will also find option to add cards for All Recipes, Adidas and Jawbone.
Android application three:  Facebook Hello
This is a Facebook dialer application for Android, which has been made to replace the Android default phone dialer.
Unlike the default dialer it has the ability to show your callers ID information, even if you don’t have the number stored on you Android device. Another feature that it uses to suppress the default phone dialer is the ability to place calls and send messages over the Wi-Fi network

Android application four:   Facebook Messenger
Few weeks ago Facebook decided to make an awesome advancement in their messenger app. The app has been a nice one for making interstate calls with Facebook friend around the world. Think about it now that it has video call feature. The video call feature was added in April 2015 to the Facebook Messenger. This is more reason why user in country like UK, US, Nigeria, Greece<, Ireland, Canada, Croatia, Portugal, Oman, Uruguay, Laos, Mexico, Lithuania, France Belgium, Poland, Norway, Denmark should download and use the latest Facebook Messenger for android.

Android application five:    Instagram
Instagram has been a platform for sharing pictures. And it has been on android store for a while now. Its latest update ha added the ability to include emojis as hashtags, and also three new filters.

Android application six:    Opera Max
Opera Max is an extension from Opera Mini that aids people who always have problem with getting data bundles. This awesome Android application makes it cheaper and faster to access the internet by cutting down the size of images and videos on every web site.

Android application seven:    Adobe Lightroom 6
Adobe updated Lightroom suite for android devices introducing more features and also a version for android tablets. With this latest version you have direct access to synced photos and DNG raw files. Also with is version you also get direct access to the phone storage device for storing and retrieving fines.

Android application eight:    BitTorrent
This is already available on – the –go downloading Android app. The BitTorrent is has been improved in terms of speed and flexibility. So if you love to download videos and music on the go, this is for you

If you always find it difficult to navigate through slides of presentations, this is a perfect app for you. SlidePick helps you navigate through your presentation using tour Android device. And it is compactable with MAC, and Windows desktops systems.

Android application ten:    SnapSeed
Google in April gave attention to their overdue photo editing app SnapSeed. They have introduced new interface and two new histograms. Some other features like “Perspective Transform”, “Spot Healing” and ‘’Tonal Contrast” were also added.
With this new edition you have a lot of things to have fun with

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