Top security apps for android devices. And security strategies

Security has been the topic of everyday activity, and mobile security is the one of the top leading security in the world as mobile phone has made the world so mobile. You can have the whole file, personal details like bank transaction and social life all on the go with a mobile device. A lot of mobile devices now run on Android platform which has become one of the fastest growing mobile platforms of OS in the world.

When we are talking about mobile security we are not only talking about unwanted access to the device but also virus and other malicious software that tends to affect the compatibility of/and the functionality of the Android device. Here we will talk about mobile applications that can aid secure your Android device both from unwanted users and malicious software.

Number 1:

Mobile encryption application.
Android encryption provides a total protection for your android device from unauthorized users. Every android device come with a default encryption application which deals with the screen lock using patterns or passwords.
According to there are some application that has been rated high downloaded, and these apps include VyprVPN, PureVPN and so on!

Number 2:

Protection against malicious software like Virus

Virus are software or sometimes called mobile worms that tends to threaten the life span of our device by making it misbehave and sometimes delete our data's from the device. We can easily clean them up and protect our device from them by using antivirus!
AVAST software has provided an Android antivirus which they call mobile security. It is a highly effective antivirus with virus protection. This application also provides Wi-Fi protection when you are using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
McAfee. Also have a powerful antivirus for android mobile. They have been known for windows security and now they are laying emphasis on how secured our android mobile device is by introducing "Security & Antivirus" to android app store

AVG is another windows security and antivirus programmer that is consigned with our android security and have decided not to rest till they are secured

Most of us already know Kaspersky antivirus from the Kaspersky Lab for effective protection from virus and malicious software.

Avira is not left behind with their red umbrella they have also provided an antivirus application for android mobile phones.  

Number 3:

Anti - theft software

Before the android platform came into the market you must have lost a mobile device in the market, train or even snatched on the street by some bad boys. Now it is easy to recover your mobile phone with anti - theft applications.
The one I will rate as the number one is the one from our antivirus programming company "AVAST" it comes with the antivirus all you need do is install and register I believe it is very effective.

Number 4:

App lock software

Sometimes you get someone looking up your social apps or even go as far as reading your messages. You can protect your apps from them by installing some free apps.
There is this specific app for this very purpose and it is named after its function "AppLock" you tend to choose how you want to unlock any app; by pattern, password or numbers.

Another effective one is from our security friend "AVAST". They have this app which you download from the AppStore that functions like AppLock. I believe it is recommendable.

NOTE: if you are protecting your mobile apps the first app to protect should not be your social network apps nor your SMS but your mobile phone settings app. This is to avoid access by just clearing the data of the used app. Then there will be access to all applications locked.

Number 5:

Trash cleaning apps to protect mobile speed

I believe the speed of our Android device should be protected also that is why I have made a post earlier on

How to speed up your android and

Apps that will aid in boosting your android device speed

From this post you will definitely have enough aid on securing the speed of your android device.


I think with all this applications and strategies your android device will be secured. If you have any other app or strategy that secures your android device feel free to place them on comments and if you need aids on your android device let it be known also.

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