7 Android running games that is similar to Temple Run Game

Since Android device was lunched, temple run game has been one of the most downloaded games from Google play store.
Android Running games are very awesome games on android devices as they use the device features in their functionality. The effectively move character using the screen and as well as the sensor.
There are other android running games similar to the temple run game. We will be talking about the top 7 you should try.

Spirit Run
This is an awesome running game with eight characters to select from. Each character has a different temple creature that it turns into. The characters to transform to are; Wolf, Fox, Bear, Panther, Panda, Unicorn, Bigfoot, and Deer. It is portrayed on an epic landscape.

Hot Temple
Hot temple has been on IOS for some time now, but has been launched on Android now. It is a run for freedom from an unknown monster in a desert island. In this game you can even turn the monster mode, where you become the monster running after the character. It has an amazing 4 unique 4D visual scenes, with 9 different characters. Don’t miss to see Santa on the run.

Subway surfers
This is also a well-known running game. In the game you have to run fast away from the inspector and his little jumping dog in the subway. You have to jump trains and use skateboard to run and protect life. You can continue the game after death with the keys available for you. You can buy stuffs from the store like skateboard, key or more time for the use of widgets.

Angry gran run
In this running game, granny has to escape from the angry asylum. So you have to navigate the granny through the street. Just like temple run game, in the root of escape you have to jump, dash, slide and jump. You can load different power – up like invisible shields and like bullet- time.

Survival Run with Bear Grylls
This is an amazing 3D running game from F84 Games, in this game you are the bear gryll running away from grizzly bear. You might have to jump really high. You have to gather lots of coin to unlock more Grylls characters. With this game you can play multiplayer even with Google Play

Jungle Run
This is a running game with the story line that Eric was left in the forest and the only way to survive is running and getting to dodge the animals obstructing his way by jumping, and swiping left or right. You even get to swim just to find a way out of the jungle. It is an awesome running game with nice graphics

Tomb Run
This is another free running game from Crazy funny app. It has 4 different characters; a soldier, a female doctor, a hot girl and an experienced doctor all in a quest to find the lost culture. It has very nice background music and sound effect, as well as the visual effects. You need to gather coins so as to unlock some features like the invisibility and more characters.

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