7 Android shooting games you should download and play

Android shooting games are very impressive and interesting to play, but there are so many android shooting games and you should download the really smart ones.  There are other shooting games on Google PlayStore that you might not enjoy but I will list out the ones I believe you will enjoy.

Call of duty

Call of duty has been around for a very long time now, ever since the years of Java phones and the early PlayStations till now.  It has been a very interesting and fun game where you will have a group of soldiers with you. The Android call of duty is about 1.5GB file size and sold for about 7 USD

Deadtrigger 2

Dead trigger 2 is an amazing zombie shooting game, with a lot of virtual graphics. Just have to move and target a zombie and you are in range you automatically shoot. It is a free game and it has lots of missions.

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MassEffect: Infiltrator

This is an amazing sci-fi shooting game from electronic art, it has to do with Killing alien to save the universe. It has lots of amazing graphics and weapon. But the down part is that it is not free. It cost about 8USD and is of about 450mb file size


This is a virtual audio game where you will have to lead resistance over an evil government and their killing machines.  It is free but the graphics is what would make you ask "is this really free?" it has a file size of about 400mb.


Frontline commando is a shooting game from Glu that has been around for a while now but cannot be let out of the line.
It has different versions like the "WW2" and the latest and larger version "D-Day" there are other versions too.  The D-Day is about 335MB while ww2 is less than 100MB of file size.

Brothersin arm

This is an amazing shooting game from GAMELOFT with lots of graphics free to move around, call on airs strike, rocket burst and so on.  You can use series of weapons.  It is free and has a media file of about 750MB

N. O.V. A. 3: freedom edition

This is another sci-fi shooting game from GAMELOFT with an epic story line. The graphics is wonderful and you can run, shoot, drive vehicles and even pilot mechs to defeat your enemies
it is free and has a file size of about 1,7GB

Don't miss out any of these shooting games. And if you have any just feel free to contact me or comment.

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