New multi -function storage device for both Android smartphone and computer

A lot of storage company has been working on a storage stick that can work both on a computer system and as well as a smartphone. Here it is now at a lovely price.

The storage sticks are looking nice and have variety of storage capacity. The awesome thing is that you can copy and move file on the go making them suitable when you want to have same data on multiple devices and at the same time have a backup.

To use some of them like SanDisk you will have to download some app from the Google play store (in this case SanDisk Memory Zone). With this application you will be able to copy, move, and past from your android device faster and more effective. 

Now let’s talk about how to use.

To use the SanDisk product on your android device
First you need download the Android application “SanDisk Memory Zone”
Install the application into your device.
Plug in the memory stick and the application will pop up automatically.

To use other product you should have “USB ON THE GO” it is often a preinstalled app on most Android devices.

To buy any of this smartphone/ multi-function memory stick at an affordable price and be rest assured of the authentication I will advise to buy from Konga. One of Africa biggest online shopping mall

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