Top Android Keyboard Applications You Must Use

Android device most time as we know comes in a full touchscreen platform, some also come with hardware keyboard but most of them are full touch screen.

The full touch screen makes it smarter and fun to use. But when it is full touch screen then we need to install keyboards as application, so we can interact with the device.

Picking a keyboard application depends on how compactable they are to your device and how they look.

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The swiftKey is a free award winning keyboard application, not only for android but also for iPhones and iPad. It presents a fast, easy typing with colorful themes and emoji. The programmers have disclosed that it has been programmed based on the smart prediction technology. With the SwiftKey you have a powerful mind reading prediction.

Google keyboard

This is an awesome free keyboard form Google Inc, it most times comes as the default keyboard application for most android devices, but that does not make it a wonderful one. It is very fast keyboard application with gesture and voice input. You just have to slide through letters and when your finger is off the keyboard a word is formed. At the same time it has the word completion ability and perfect cloud sync, saves your history for more effective word suggestion making you type faster because you don’t have to type the next world, and probably the next. In one word, “Awesome”.

Go keyboard

Go keyboard is another awesome free keyboard for android devices. It is packed with free Emoji and other smiley face to spices up your chat with friends. It also comes with about ten thousand colorful themes and colorful background wallpapers which the Gold is my favorite. When it comes to word correction, it is not an exception among all other android keyboard applications. The keyboard application also comes with voice input ability.

So what’s your favorite Go keyboard theme?

ai. Type keyboard

This is an awesome android keyboard application with different colorful themes and Emoji. You can share the theme you use with friends. It also comes with the auto suggested, on keyboard search and swipe type. You should give it a try.

Classic keyboard

This is an awesome free android keyboard application that gives user all the impression of iPhone keyboard. It has enough spacing between words for effective typing and at the same time an effective word prediction feature attached to it. You can activate or deactivate the iPhone key press sound.

This is an awesome one for iPhone lovers.

These are five android keyboard applications. You should try to use some of them someday, if not today.

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