Android Customization: Apps that help to customize android phone

Android phones come with a default launcher for all devices depending on the Operating System in use. Despite the fact that the default launcher for the android OS 4.4 (KitKat) is impressive still a lot of us want to customize our android phone.

Before customize your android device, you must have known how you want your android device too look. And what you want to use as wallpaper and which launcher you would like to use.
Here are applications that will help you customize your android phone and ways to customize android phone.

Application one – Android Launcher apps

Android launchers are applications designed to customize the platform of your android device totally and effectively.

The use of these android launcher apps is highly dependent on individual personality. Some android launcher applications aid people that like to get news update like the Yahoo Aviate, while some help organize your home screen.
Some person naturally don’t like the menu button, some android launcher applications help eliminate it and provide a more effective way of getting the list of apps

There are several android launcher applications on the Google Play store, but I have effectively selected 7 and made video on them as well as wrote about them.

Application two – android widget

Android widgets are application that most times comes with android launcher application. They are effective when it comes to customizing android devices.

Some wide get provide battery watch, some provide clocks and others are sophisticated enough to provide switches to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other system apps.

Widgets help users to switch system apps, reduce screen brightness easily and provide clocks on the home screen in a customized way.

Application three – wallpaper apps

There are different ways of getting effective wallpaper for your device, and these wall papers make your android device well customized and different from others.

Some android launcher comes with wallpaper application, Yahoo aviate, which I made mention of earlier has a well customized wallpaper app embedded in it. This wallpaper app tends to get images from the internet and suggests which to use daily.

If you do not like the launcher mentioned you can download some other wallpaper apps from the play store, they will definitely customize your android device effectively and make it look different on daily bases 

Application four – application locking apps

Privacy is the main key to personality, and the privacy of an android user is dependent on how secured the android device is. Android user can increase the security of his device by locking up the 
apps using application locking apps.

There are different apps to lock up your device apps. You can browse around the store to get one for your device

Application five – keyboard apps

Most android devices are mainly and fully screen touch, to type in alphabets and numbers into the device you will need a keyboard app. Keyboard apps are marvelous way of customizing your android device, most of they come with beautiful looking backgrounds and specific features, some let you move your finger around the alphabets to make a word, and others help suggests the next word you should type; making it easier for users to type fast.

Using a deferent keyboard application is a very nice way of customizing your android device. And if you need help choosing a keyboard application, check out our previous post on keyboard apps.

Top security apps for android devices. And security strategies

Application six – web browsers apps

Choosing a web browser can also be a very nice way of customizing your android device as different web browsers have different specific feature to it.

There are web browsers that save the last pages visited using them. This makes it very easy to navigate back to the site anytime needed or when you run out of battery bars.

Some other web browser makes downloading from the internet easier and faster, for users who love to download files of large size.

And other allows the view of site on both mobile view and web view. Some android browser apps also combine most of the above mentioned cases in them.

You, an android user can pick from the million web browser apps on the app store depending of your personalities.

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