( CORTANA FOR ANDROID LEAKED ) Download Cortana for Android Free

Cortana, a Microsoft artificial intelligent personal assistance that has been around the Microsoft windows mobile 8.0 for a while now is here for we the android users.

Cortana has been leading in the world of mobile AI personal assistance and has been promised to be released with the upcoming windows 10.

A lot of us have been using the Google now for a while but Cortana has some feature that Google now does not.
With Cortana you can set alarm, ask questions and even calculate numbers with your native voice.

Cortana tends to surf the internet and brings up the best result in its own native voice.

With Cortana you don’t have to worry with reminder as it tends to remind u of a lot of things which you have to do.

It has been magnificent on windows mobile and now I believe it will be more superb as it is on android mobiles.
I have had some little bit of time to play with Cortana, and the application is definitely more life-like and conversational than Google Now. It is very comparable to Apple Siri; the only problem with the app is Cortana can’t be heavily integrated into the UI due to the fact that it is just an application.

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