Customize Android Device with the 3D file explorer app on Android

Awesome 3D file explorer application for android device has taken file exploring on android device to another level.

With this 3D application you can get to explore your files viewing it all in 3D form.

The app enables the select, copy and paste feature like every other file exploring app on android.

You can zoom in and out of a folder just like in a 3D view form.

The app also has the ability to show hidden files and hidden folders.

This wonderful file exploring app comes with different 3D stylish and animated themes that increase the fun in browsing through files.

It is sized about 12MB and you can create a shortcut for the files or folder.

It is compactable with any android device and fast due to low memory consumption

with this app you will find more fun in exploring your files

download this app from here
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