How to disable auto update Android

Tired of data consumption? Disable auto update of Android Applications

Android Smartphone are interesting to use especially with internet connection. Where you tend to get all notifications on the go. Both social network updates and emails right on your device at real-time. With an android device you tend to enjoy lots of features on a touch screen platform. This device is definitely always not massive but simply except the tablets.

Getting this update is due to the internet connections but with these connections the applications installed in the android device will have to continually update to the latest version and at that there will be a massive use of the internet data.

Sometimes and at some places, it is very expensive to get internet data connection at user might not have enough data to update all apps automatically. And sometimes old apps are better than the updates.

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To disable this auto application update in android device, just follow these tips.

  • First, you definitely should have Google Playstore reinstalled on your device. Open the Google Playstore on your Smartphone.

  • Then on the top left corner side of Google playstore, click on menu (this can also be viewed by sliding the left side of the playstore)

  • Then select settings

  • After clicking on settings, simply select “Auto update apps”.

  • Then select “Do not update apps”, or “Auto update apps over wifi only”.

With this you have disabled the auto app update on your device.

But there are some apps you really want to update automatically, so you can disable them individually, with this tips it will be possible.

Simply open playstore

Then a menu

Then my apps, clicking this you would see the list of all the already installed apps and as well the downloading app if there is any.

Now tap the app you want to disable its update and uncheck the “Auto update

Hope these procedures were helpful? If you have any other related issues with your android Smartphone.

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