How to expand Android RAM

The Random Access Memory RAM, which is more like a working space for an Android device and other computer devices. 
Sometimes you get some notification that might even get you so angry with your device, like the popular "Sorry Application has Stopped", or some other similar notifications. These problems are usually due to the shortage of RAM of your device.
We would talk about some benefits before going into the main talk of the day.

Benefits of the RAM
  • The RAM helps to fasten the speed of processing a procedure in the device. As it is like a football field, the larger the field, the more space for footballers.

  • The RAM also helps when it comes to surfing the internet. If the RAM of you device is low, then it will take the device more time to read the information gotten from the internet and at the same time hard to send in more information to the internet making it slow to browse. With a low RAM, some time you just have to use some tips and applications to clear the system memory often.
  • High RAM gives you the ability to play Android gameseffectively without freezes and overheating of the device.

  • RAM also help those that tends to use their device for video editing as there will be fast response to the editing options.
  • With large enough RAM you can install any picture editing and camera apps you want, being rest assured there wills not the disturbance.

Now let’s get back to the talk of the day

How to Boost up the RAM of an Android

There are two main methods this can be done. And for the sake of clarity we shall take them one after the other.

First method: Manual operation

with this method, there are no applications needed and the best of all, it works without the need of rooting. All you have to do is follow these steps carefully and you will get to it.

If you are reading this right now then you have to Avoid using Live wallpaper on your Android device. This live wallpapers need some of the Random Access Memoy to keep to your expectations. So by not using then you stand a chance of reserving the RAM for other important processes.

-close all unnecessary apps running on the Android device. All applications need memory to keep running, and at such shortens the Random Access Memory of the device by shareing it withen them.
To do this you can Simply force the applications to close by going to settings then Apps, and selecting the apps not in use and close them.

Another is by clearing app cache which are stored memory of the previous app behaviors.


Method 2: The use of application

In this method we will need to download some third party applications that will help to boost the RAM of any android device. There are so many of this apps on the Google Play Store but we will talk about the top ones.
1. RoehSoft RAM Expander:

This is a cool Android RAM expanding application that seems to help boost the RAM of an android device and one of the most reliable apps in terms of RAM management. This app works perfectly well on an already rooted device. 

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2. Smart RAM Booster:

Smart RAM booster is another stable and yet reliable app that helps to increase the RAM of android devices. This app works perfectly on non-rooted android device. The Smart RAM booster seems to clean up your device ram in one click.

3. RAM Manager Pro:

RAM Manager Pro is a very effective and yet popular RAM managing app. This awesome app tends to multiply the original size of your device RAM, at the same time increasing the speed and other benefits we discussed earlier.

4. RAM Control Extreme:

This is another impressive android app that tends to multiply the RAM of any android device. With RAM control Extreme, you get to moderate and boost every activities relating to the RAM usage. This app works perfectly with no rooting required

I believe with this above methods and apps I believe you will effectively increase the RAM of your device and at the same time the speed.

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