Top 8 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks you Should Know and Try

A lot of smartphone users now enjoy using WhatsApp as both instant messenger and as well as their default messenger. And the number of download WhatsApp get every day is consistently increasing. A lot of taste has also added to itself when it had the browser version for windows devices, and the voice call ability.

Well I have eight suggested tips you should know about this application as a consistent user

1 Finding out who has read your message in a WhatsApp group

The first tip we shall be talking about here today is. Find out who has read your message in a WhatsApp group

When you send message to an individual on WhatsApp, you tend to know if he or she has read the message by the double blue tick, but now we will get you to know how to know when your message is read by each members of the group.


Long press the message sent by you to the group. This reveals a circled “I”. Tapping on the “I” then it will show you who the message was delivered to, and who has read it.

2. Mute group chats and notifications

Another tip will be how to stop the massive noise that might be created by a group you must have joined that possibly has a lot of members.

This tip does not stop you from receiving messages from the group, but just stops the noise they make.


Tap the Menu button on the group chat, and hit Mute. Then, choose how long you want the mute process to last.

3. Specify when you want media to be saved on cellular bandwidth

WhatsApp automatically downloads media when there is an internet connection. Not minding if it is the cellular or on the Wi-Fi network.

You can decide when your media files are to be downloaded with these steps

Ø  Step

On WhatsApp home screen, go to Settings, then Chat Settings and then “Media Auto-Download” to specify when you want each media file “images, audio and videos” to be downloaded to your phone.


4. Disable Last Seen and Read Receipts aka blue ticks

WhatsApp normaly lets everyone know when last you used it, by displaying the last seen on WhatsApp right below your name.

But for reasons best known to you, if you want to disable this default feature on your WhatsApp, follow the simple steps below.


Go to Settings > Account > Privacy on the WhatsApp home screen

Read Receipts, notified “message read” notification symbolized by those Blue Ticks can also be disabled. But this means you will not also know when someone else has read yours message.

5. Send a broadcast message

With WhatsApp you can send a broadcast message to a lot of people at a time. Someone might ask why not just send a group message?

With this broadcast you don’t have to add anyone to a group, and you alone get to see the reply to you broadcast, unlike in group chat where everyone sees the reply.


Tap on Menu > New Broadcast, then select all the contacts you want to send the message across to and that’s all.

6. Migrate to a new number

If you've changed your SIM card, don’t worry about your contact transfer, there is a way to import your account information, groups and settings from your old number to the new one automatically deleting the old number from WhatsApp.


Tap on “Menu” then “Settings” then“Account” and now “Change Number”. Then you will have to enter the old phone number in the first box, followed by the new number in the second one.


7. Use the voice ability instead of typing

This is useful if you don’t have the time to always keep typing,then you can send a voice message to the recipient or alternatavely use the Google speech to text ability of the Google keyboard.


Simply tap the message box,the keyboard will popup, then tap the mic icon on the keyboard.

8. Display important places around you

When you are new to a place and you want to know hotspots around you then this feature of WhatsApp is for you.


Simply tap the “Send location” icon on the attachment pane. This will explore interesting hotspots around you.

With this few tip I hope you will be able to enjoy your WhatsApp on your Android device

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