All advancement of the new Samsung galaxy S6 EDGE plus over the Samsung galaxy s6 EDGE with price

Samsung has not given the android gadget producing industry any gap this year, as they have  been bombing the market with different android devices

Now it is the Samsung galaxy S6 plus, which I may call advancement to the galaxy S6 edge released earlier this year.

I will not hit on the upgrade part of the device to the older Galaxy S6 because there was no much upgrade done.

The obvious one is the screen size boost. The screen of the galaxy S6 edge plus has been increased to 5.7’’ for a larger display. The thickness was another obvious hardware advancements done on the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE PLUS device, as it was made thinner compared to the Galaxy S6 edge.

The body of the device is still made of metal and glass, just like the older brother so to say. and it comes with a pen that enableys user mage a clear drawing and taps.

The battery was not left behind in the advancement, the battery has been upgraded by 400mAh making it sum all up to 3,000mAh. Enough power for all night gamming and all day music. And it is packed with a faster wireless charger that charges the battery from empty to full in just 2hours.

The device RAM was also upgraded to 4GB RAM from the 3GB of Galaxy S6 EDGE.

The software upgrades are also magnificent. Samsung added “People Edge” an app introduced with the original Edge which placed a list of contacts on the screen’s curved ends, now lets you designate VIPs. The eponymous “Apps Edge” provides quick access to app shortcuts. And the camera has built-in YouTube support for video streaming up to 1080p, 60 frames per second.


The device price has been ranging from $768 to $780 for the 32GB model and 864 to 890 for the 62GB model.

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