Scientist to turn Human Bone and DNA into Flash drive (Storage drive)

A company known as Blackblase carried out a research on 25,000 hard drives to know their life span, four or five years precisely but the bottom line is that they won’t last forever. But guess what, have you ever imagined the storage drive that could last for a million years?

Science is now looking at making a storage that will last for millions of years. According to researcher Eth Zurich in Switzerland the answer to the problem lies in the human cell: DNA.

It is so complex that I strand or 1 gram of DNA is totally capable of containing all data including the Google, Facebook and so on to name, but still have a few and spare space remaining.

The data storage on one gram of the DNA is capable of have a space of 455 Exabyte. One Exabyte is equivalent one billion of gigabytes.

Memory on living being: How it works

The process of preserving this memory on living being, DNA actually mimic the process found in nature.

The process could be keeping the DNA in an enclose glass case, in a cool dry place. These could make it last for thousands of years. The total estimation could be 700,000 years or one million in a genome fossil material.

Researchers were able to show that decay of our DNA can store information. decay at the same rate of fossil DNA with a time rate of one million years.

Human bone discoveries found in Spain shows how maternally inherited mitochondrial is about 400,000 years old and that is a new record for human remains.

For these fact that DNA survive in cool climate or cave rather than frozen environment because the DNA extracted from mammoth in Siberia has added a record to DNA longevity.

DNA For storage

Water and oxygen are enemies to DNA but DNA in a test tube that is expose to air will last two  or three years but if enclose with glass inert and cooling it will increase the chances of survival. The best DNA comes from the ceramic or dry teeth bone or even eggshells are good to go.       

The first experiment

The team tested by preserving method of 83 kilobyte, the first is the swiss federal chapter of 1291 it is like the swiss magna carta and the  other was Archimedes palimpsest a copy of an ancient Greek  mathematic treatise by the monk in the 10 century but has been over written in the 15th century.

The method will be perverse and readable in 10,000 years if frozen as long as a million years.

The cost of preserving 83kb is $2000 making it very expensive process but the price will drop over time.

The price for human genome sequentially drop from million of dollar a few years ago to hundreds of dollars.

It will make a lot of sense to integrate it into the medical field and genome into the world of Information Technology where data space is highly needed.

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