Five reason to buy the latest No. 1 rugged device - NO.1 X6800

The China based company, N0. 1has been dropping series of android devices with very high and encouraging features. The latest rugged device X8600they just dropped is no exception as it has lots of features embedded in it.
We shall talk about some of the magnificent features that should make you want to get one right away.

The ability to withstand heavy hits on the screen
This is the most surprising feature of this device which also made me love to call it the most rugged android device. According for reviews, this device has with stand a very heavy hammer hit severally on the screen. The screen still was very clear as if nothing happened. This is the best device for those who work with heavy equipment which might fall on the device at anytime. The screen protection is one of its kinds.

The addition of an extra battery
Another feature that baffles me is the extra battery added to it. This extra battery is said to be about 3 times stronger than a regular battery and has a capacity of 6,800mAh. The device can still function as normal without the back battery. And the back battery is not heavy for the hand like an external power pack.

The ability to be used to charge another device
The ability to charge other devices with the X6800 is wonderful. I think it is the first of its kind and if at all there has been one before not combined with the above mentioned features. This is an awesome way for you to store charges using your android device and use it to charge other devices when the need be. This feature also wowed me when I first heard about it.

The waterproof features
Dropping into water is no longer a problem as the No. 1 X6800 is waterproof and has no fear for water. It is definitely not the first device with such feature but it is the first with such combination of features. By being waterproof I don't mean being water resistant, water resistant is when the device van survive sparkling of water. But by waterproof I mead can survive a deep dive.

The magnificent gaming features
This device comes with the android 4.4 android OS (KitKat) and has a very impressive screen resolution; above all the device is highly handy and is not heavy to the arm. This combination including the RAM and clock speed makes it a wonderful experience playing games with this rugged device. Another feature of the Android No. 1 X6800 that spice up the gaming mode is the battery as you don't have to charge for days enough for a mission game *winks*
With these features including the 4GLTD network that is comes with, I guess u have no other reason but to get the onboard rugged X6800 android device as fast as you can.
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