We all know that the galaxy s5 is getting older but doesn’t mean that we should accept it getting slower but with these little laid down commandment can make it pretty fast only if don’t break the rules. It really simple by making this wise choice. Besides that regular updates and the occasional factory reset, there are a few other simple things you can do to speed up your Galaxy S5, so let's get started.

1. You need to get a custom ROM

Although we know that root comes with great risk and great power. But if you are tire of the hecktic touchwiz slowing down your phone and you want a rare faster performance of your device then all you need is to flash a custom ROM or kernel – the link between the software and hardware on the phone – that has a great  for your phone to become super fast.

We you don’t update the phone byits manufacturer there’s are dozen of ways to custom the ROMSand custom kernels for the Galaxy S5 out there, but  I will  recommend CyanogenMod for a better-than-stock-Android vibe, or Omega ROM only if you prefer to retain the touch wiz feel.

2. Change the launcher in use

Some reason while our Samsung devices are not that fast is because TouchWiz is not the fastest launcher. So therefore you can resolve all of these problems with a custom launcher but you can remove some problem that TouchWiz brings.

This doesn’t spoil anything because Your Samsung apps will still to run as Samsung coded but then  your home screen response will get a bit of a boost. In that case go e Google Play Store or check out our list of android alternate launcher and find one you like.
Ditching TouchWiz for a custom launcher can speed things up.

3. Stopping your apps from running on startup

Do you know that so many apps on your Galaxy S5 will automatically start syncing and running processes at startup, yeah this is not a good experience? Because of the velocity of the speed is of the essence. But in that case if you have the access to root you can use an app like Greenify to automatically freeze the apps that you don't want running on startup. 

Another option is that If you don't have root access you can still use an app such as System Tuner to hibernate apps (although it, works better with root permission). So there are variety of system management apps available, but we can condole and we not recommend the use 'app killer' apps because all they do is temporarily kill processes that simply start straight back up again. 

4. Uninstalling unnecessary apps or  disabling them

Talking about the management of app you can check or also go into your Appliction Manager settings and disable any apps you aren't using. Open your app drawer and tap the overflow menu at the top right and then Uninstall/Disable Apps to do a lot at once. Some these apps in your S5 can be uninstalled directly and while others can simply be Disabled. Disabled apps can be re-enabled in Settings > Application Manager > Turned Off.

5. How you can manage your update schedule

Most of your individual app settings, likewise your Google apps, make sure that they are not all set to automatically sync unless you decide that you want them to. But an instance of  if you've got 15 Google apps all syncing at the same time, it will bogged down until they're all done.

The same apply when you about updating apps: stop all automatic updating of apps in the play store when you turn on your phone and you are updating all your 30 apps at once that implies might never update 1 app or least posting your new picture so follow our guide to stopauto- updating. Select which app to update.

6. Disable animations and transitions

There are few tips that are in the option of your settings that can make your Galaxy S5 run faster. The logic is that First, turn off your unlock animation. These are tiny  ripple effect when you swipe your lock screen how to do it. Go to Settings > Lock Screen > Unlock Effect and choose None. You'll now be able to unlock your phone much faster.

You don’t need no unlock animation

Secondly, is that you have to disable your home screen transition effects. They are the navigation animations you see when you swipe between home screens. But theymake look creative and fanciful but make your smart device feel slower. Long press some blank space on your home screen and tap Home Screen Settings > Transition Effect > None.

Lastly, you might want to disable some geekier animations. All you need to do is to get your Developer Options enabled by going to Settings > About Phone and tapping Build Number seven times. Back up a step and you'll see Developer Options in your settings menu.

Then you can scroll through Developer Options until you find the section for animations and drop the following options to off: 'Window animation scale', 'Transition animation scale' and 'Animator Duration Scale'. You can individually set them.

7. remove unused widgets

Have you notice the silly widget on your home screen in your galaxy S5 but you don’t know you are actually wasting a lot of power and performance, and not to mention data, by keeping all those silly widgets updated. From Samsung's Geo News which you may not even be using.
 magazine can be turned off by long pressing of the home screen, and tapping Home Screen Settings and unchecking the box. Your widgets can be simply be long-pressed and dragged to remove at the top of the screen. Because you might not need constantly update in your home screen 

8. Ditch the S Voice shortcut

If I say that I recommend this for all Samsung devices. But for these course, you actually use S Voice. If you don't, then disabling S Voice by doing a double-press shortcut from the Home button which can actually get you back to the home screen a bit faster. It  because when you tap  the Home button once, the S5 waits a second to check if you will respond by tapping it again to launch the S Voice.
But when you disable this shortcut, then it will automatically take you to the home screen the first time you press Home. All you need to do is just double press the home button and hit the action overflow menu button at the top right and go to Settings, then uncheck the box next to 'Open via the home key
Disabling S Voice as a double-press option can speed up your way home. / © ANDROIDPIT

9. Backup and reset for a fresh start

Some cases come up when your phone needs is a fresh start up. The best and simplest way to do that is to back up all of your important apps and data and then factory rest your Galaxy S5. it is quick and easy process, and when it has completed you can now restore your apps and data and carry on, faster than before. If you have a backup, go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device. But a regular factory reset (after backing up) is a amazing way to improve speed.

10. Delete bloatware entirely in Gs5

 What if you try a step to improve your Galaxy S5 by going further to delete pre-loaded apps and rooting your galaxy S5 because lots of apps are running on your background process which most people don’t know probably and it result to slower of your S5 and drain battery easily. Rooting your phone come with risk but you have to take a bold step to delete all the unnecessary apps that you don’t want and boost the speed of your Galaxy S5

11. Deleting your cached data

Over a long period of time, your Galaxy S5 will start gathering up all kinds of miscellaneous data and cached app info. Although your cached data is designed to open apps faster, but sometime it can get out of hand. But frequently clearing cached data is another way to maintain s5 being fresh how to do that follow these steps Go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data > Clear Cached Data > OK.

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