How to Resolve the Samsung S5 Storage Problems

The all new Samsung galaxy s5 has this storage issues that a lot of users have been complaining of. If you are a user and you are reading this, then your Samsung storage problem will be resolved at the bottom of this context.

Clear application data

Whenever you use an application on android device, the device saves the data of what you’ve done. These data are saved on the device memory reducing the amount of the memory you can use.
Clearing this data can save you lots of memory. Some android applications save lot of memory so whenever you get back to the applications you just continue from where you stopped.

To free this memory you just go to settings > then application and select the one which you want its data to be cleared and then you have fried some space.

Install and use a cloud storage application

Cloud storage has been the very best way to save file in the IT environment. Files saved in the cloude storage server are very save and can be acesed anytime anywhere.
Using a Samsung galaxy S5, you can easily download a cloud storage application, install it and store your files to the cloud storage service provider.

With this you can delete the files from your device memory and free up some space and at the same time secure you files and data.
Another reason this is the best way to save data is that it allows you access the data even when you get a new device.

There are several cloud storage service providers that have android application on the play store. And I have taken my time to select the best in this article: Best android cloud storage application.

Uninstalling useless apps

Uninstalling applications that are not in use is the easiest way to free storage space in Samsung S5. This involves the cleaning of both the application data, the application raw file and the installed application all at once from the device.

To uninstall apps you can easily go to the selling then application settings select the application and uninstall it.

Make use of an external SD card

You an save a lot of data on your Samsung S5 by using an external SD card. This will redue the amount of data you store on the device memory.

with the external SD card, you can choose the size of card you want and select what data you want stored in the device memory and on the SD.

You can get SD cards at affordable price on any online mall.

Delete unwanted pictures and files.

You might have some pictures you have taken by mistake or one of which you don’t like or want anymore. You can do your device good by deleting them from the device. Pictures taking from the camera of a Samsung S5 are always of high definition and large size. So deleting it will be of good to the device storage.

Installation of memory apps

The last tip we will be talking about here is the installation of some really helpful applications. There are some really memory helping apps on the play store. Some will ask to delete the application file with no stress while some will want to delete the raw file of an already installed application.

Most of these apps are helpful some are scam too but if you get hold of the helpful one you will recognize its effect.

If you have other ways or suggestions feel free to place comment in the comment box.

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