Android applications that help monitor your android device

Your android device is a very powerful device that does a whole lot of work within the blink of an eye.

Gives you social update, connects you with the world using internet, give you the gaming features and even developers can also use android to write and edit programs with android applications especially the ones I will carefully listed here.

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Most times you just have to monitor your android device, to know how far they have gone and how well they are doing. This will enable you know when to shut some features down and when to enable some other features.

Here we will talk about some android applications that can help you monitor the behavior of your android device. And ensure they are not over working, overheating or even under working (as the case may be)

                               Monitor application one: Tinycore


Tinycore is a system monitor app which adds up a CPU and RAM indicator to your status-bar, giving it more use.


This application goes a whole long way in monitoring the android device RAM usage and CPU functionality, helping you monitor your device more effectively.

The indicator is a few pixels high line which is by default added to the top-right corner of the status-bar.
Tinycore features a highly customizable experience, minimalistic and innovative Holo design and is completely designed to be lightweight (low system footprint). With Tinycore monitoring your devices CPU or RAM becomes

                       Monitor application Two: CPU Temperature Pure


This is a similar app as CPU temperature, but this one comes with no advertisement.
You should better download the free version with advertisement first to ensure the app is support your devices.


With the CPU Temperature Pure, you canget to know the CPU temperature (not the battery temperature anyways); know how much of the CPU is in use; known your CPU frequency; and at the same time get the battery info, and lots more.

Getting the exact CPU temperature depends on the Linux kernel; otherwise it will show you the temperature by algorithm

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                                        Monitor application Three: Disk Usage


Disk usage is an android application that helps user understands how Disk Space is used on their devices. It lets you know the percentage of your SD Card is filled with Music and the percentage used by Videos and Applications. Disk Usage also let you know which application and media file occupies most space on your device.
Disk Usage app is the best way to begin Disk Cleaner.


Space usage by Apps:

Lets you view apps both in graphical and tabular form, the space used by each app on your phone. You can easily understand which non critical apps are taking space and get rid of them if you desire to clear space.

Space Usage on SD Card:

Figure out what's using up SD Card space using this Disk Digger to find out about Music, Videos, Docs and others taking up SD Card space usage.

Better understand your phone's Disk requirements and before buying a new phone, understand how much memory you need by using Disk Usage with your old phone so that you don't buy more memory than needed.


                             Monitor application Four: Network Monitor Mini


The network monitor mini is an awesome android application that allows you to monitor your surfing speed when surfing the internet. With this application you get to know the upload speed and the download speeds.

It comes with a personalized user interface. Presenting the speed meter in transparent background at the Conner of your device.


For the free version:
 Live Network Traffic Meter (Speed / Data Rate)
 Custom Prefix (U: / D: etc.)
 Custom Color, Width, Height, Font, Font size, Transparency value
 Hide /s Suffix (per second)

For the paid version:
Adjustable Kilo Value
Adjustable Decimal Places (Please turn it off if you have flickering problem)
Normalize VPN / proxy / loopback traffic
Custom Readings Location
Show on Status Bar
Hide Readings when there is No Traffic
Hide when Specific Apps are running
Hide when Day Dreaming (screen saver - 4.2+)
Beta Test: Traffic Breakdown Mode (for supported devices only)

                                    Monitor application Five: System Monitor


System Monitor is an android monitoring application that helps manage tasks, clean memory, manage installed packages, and helps to save battery charge of your phone.

It has been said to works fast, consumes minimum amount of memory and has a low CPU usage, which also you to saves battery power.

·        Presents Task Manager to Manages tasks loaded to RAM. Capabilities

·        Give full Detail information about the system:
- OS Build
- Memory
- Telephony
- Networks
- Wi-Fi
- Storage
- Battery
- Camera
- Display
- Sensors

Turn off monitoring tasks when screen off, it allow save battery power.

Clean memory when screen off.

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With these effective and specially dedicated android applications, you can effectively monitor your android device and know when to disable and enable features.

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