Best android browsing cheat for Mtn

In using android device, the inevitable consequences is the tremendous use of data. This has been a problem to a lot of android users especially in west Africa.

But ever before android, there have been use of data on other devices and there have been solutions to the problem of data use.

A lot of use have used molded opera mini browser; where we have to edit the proxy, port and APN to suite the cheat invoke. Well android platform has advanced it all, and it can not be easy to keep molding opera of different versions. But still there is a solution which we will b talking about here "The best MTN browsing cheat for Android".

You might want to know why I call this "The best browsing cheat" it is because of the popular saying, "you scratch my back I scratch your back" In this cheat, both users back and the network providers back is scratched.

If you have been in the world of PC cheat then you must be familiar with this terms: Simple server Freedom browser Proxy APN etc. These has been the tools for PC cheat and now the first mentioned is out for android! And working perfectly, with this simple steps you can get your android device up and browsing.

First you need to have subscribed the MTN BB10 subscription. This is a blackberry subscription for Blackberry 10, which include the Blackberry Z10, Q5 and Q10.

This subscription is cheaper compared to the normal blackberry subscriptions.

The price code and duration are listed below: (code will be sent to 21600)

Bblited---- 24hours---- N70


With this you will get unlimited downloads compared to the normal android subscriptions.

After the subscription is done, you download an application "Simple Android Server" this is an APK version of the simple server used on PC.

With this latest version mirrored here, you don't need to run any setup. But if otherwise check out how to setup the Simple server on android device.

After downloading and installing this application, the run the application an click on "start" or "On" as the case may be. This will start up the application and it would load your uploads and downloads. Just minimize it and let it do it's thing on the background.

Now you can browse the internet for free and you can make unlimited downloads.

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