Here come the Computer of the Future – B Membrane

There have been a lot of computers trends ever since the first development of computer in the late 50s.

Late Steve Job also revolutionized computer with MAC Operating System and their Apple devices.

DELL never left developing and advancing computer hardware with their magnificent electronic combination skills.

Now we are been welcomed to the future   by several Hollywood movies especially Marvels, with their dramatic computer revolutionary "dreams". From Iron Man down to The Avengers and Agents of Shield. They have given us a welcome notice on what the computer of the future could look like.

Here comes a magnificent and yet surprising computer. I will say 'This must be from a time machine' but is there really any time machine? It has been called B - Membrane.

B - Membrane is a magnificent computer from the future 'so to say'. It is a perfect hologram device that comes with no screen but only a holographic projector. The projector projects the total desktop view needed for the operation of a computer.

The B - Membrane is a very portable device, so I don't know if to call the B - membrane a laptop of a desktop, but I am very sure it is a hybrid computer.

The B- Membrane designed by Korean Won - Seok Lee.

It will effectively eradicate the use of monitor which has been replaced by a projector that is adjustable for suitable display.

It also comes with a touch screen keyboard which appears only when you are in need of it and the optical reader is perfectly incorporated.

What would you think of this device on your desk?

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