Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat for Android

Hello to all my Nigeria readers! It has been a week or two we talked about Free browsing here. Well that is because I always want to use and confirm the latest MTN free browsing cheats for Android.
The previous week, we talked about the MTN free browsing Cheat using MTN BB Lite plan. Well I believe a whole lot of us have used it and it has worked for them, if you have not do while it last because it is still one. Click Here to get yours running.

Well this is another one and definitely a better offer.

All you need know is how to download and setup the simple server for android.

Setup Codes for the cheat

After setting up the simple server for android with the settings above, then follow these simple steps.

Firstly, send "stop" to "131"

Wait for the reply then send "fb0" to "131"

With this you will be subscribed to a presumed Facebook subscription.

Then start up the simple server following the guide I have carefully placed here.

Now enjoy your android phone with free browsing.

Endeavor to comment if you have problems using this MTN cheat.

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