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Hello everyone! We have come to the beginning of a new week and it has become a new culture here in AndroidCare.Net to drop a game of the week by the beginning of a week.

Our last week game of the week was a war game by Game Loft. It drew a lot of attention at the reason it was made the game of the week.

This lead to some percentage increase in the download of the game.

As mentioned in the review of the previous week, this our new tradition is to keep our readers posted on which game they would like to download and play, at the same time, it is also to help android game developers to publish reviews on their game.

For this week, our android game of the week is not a war game, neither is it a shooting game nor racing game. This game is for everybody; it contains lots of brain shifting stages combined with puzzles all guided with a time duration.

In this game u will have to investigate several crime issues with lots of puzzle, you can connect with your friends to be your partner and after every stage u gets a higher rank.

This game is so interesting that it might not let u drop your android device so the programmer also thought about that and gave player an energy level which the consume for each crime scene, so when you consume them all you will have to rest for some time to get more energy.

None the less, you can also get energy by inviting a friend to play the game with you through the internet.

Well you might be thinking "A game with this whole feature could cost $5. Fortunately, this game is free both on Google play store and pureapk.

The game name is "Criminal case ". All about the investigations of crime and getting the bad guys behind bars.

It is a must play game for everybody; no age barrier, low memory and battery consumptions and high definition and very interactive UI.

Get the fun on with the game "Criminal case" and endeavor to drop a review and a G+ to appreciate the game developer.

As a developer, you can drop your game to be reviewed by our team and if passed would be published here.

You can contact us on Facebook through our group "" or page

We are also on twitter @AndroidCareNet

Enjoy your game and keep in touch for more on Android.
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