Samsung galaxy is a fanatic phone for all user of it and there is lot off thing inside of it but there are two ways to make it more personal useful and long lasting. These are the 11 thing every Samsung owner should know 


1. Set up the fingerprint scanner and lock screen

This is an amazing thing you should try by protecting your S5 with a finger scanner is one way to protect your phone how to do that. Go into Settings > Fingerprint > Use Fingerprint Recognition to calibrate it and register your print. In spite of what it show on your screen you don’t require to use these device with your two hands just register your thumb print use Settings > Lock Screen to add owner information on the Lock Screen too. This way it will be very difficult for one to peruse your S5 without your knowledge.

2. Change the way of how your Settings looks

Samsung has beautiful and imaginative layout for the setting of your screen is it bright and color to think of so the best way to do that If you have a list view, press the options button in the top right hand corner and then tap List View.

3. Change your Notification area and the Toolbox

Notification area is something you use all the time and it is easy to change to make it fanciful.  On your little panel tap on the grid icon in the top right hand corner, and in the longer panel tap on the pencil icon. Just tap and hold to drag the icons around.

You can also customize your Samsung’s own Toolbox app too. Go into Settings > Toolbox and then tap Edit to add the apps you’d like Toolbox to feature.

Now you can replace default setting with your own settings.

4. How to turn off animations and S Voice

Do you think your S5 feel so sluggish then you could make it sharper by doing a couple of tweaks that will work Go into Settings > About Device and then tap Build Number seven times. This is the sacrifice you will do that enables the S5’s Developer Mode and you’ll find a new Developer Options menu item inside Settings once you’ve enabled it. Now you can go and reduce the number against “transition animation scale” to zero to speed up visuals.

 You ought to know that Samsung S5 Voice make your phone feel slower, because it’s slow in responding which will take some time waiting for the second home button tap that invokes it. If you don’t use it, go into S Voice, tap the menu icon in the top right, select Settings and then uncheck Open via the Home Key.

5. Have you tried gestures (and then turn them off)

You might not have enabled your S5’s motion control, yea this is amazing it can be quite good fun: in Settings > Motions and Gestures you’ll find the options for your  Air Gestures, this will help you to be able to scroll the display by waving your hand on it because that is where “air” bit enter . 

Maybe you might probably give a try about these gesture like most people would want to try it them turn off in Settings > Motions and Gestures.

 6. Turn off Air View

You might probably have disable you air gesture and you want to turn off Air view too that is located in the Settings app. It help you to enables you to preview information in apps just by  hovering your finger over the screen, but we might not have remember which app use it so it tends not to bother us because disabling it help save the battery level of your phone.

7.  Power Saving Mode

Can you imagine the fanciful Samsung’s power saving mode was designed save power, yet it I a slight blunt instrument: that it pop on and throttle back performance and turns the display grey, it also murder your background data for apps. But it not a great ideal for those of us that love receiving the likes of WhatsApp or Facebook messages, so if you want to change it by going into Settings > Power Saving Mode and toggling the features you do and don’t want Power Saving Mode to use.

8. How to set up the multi-window

Samsung has come up with these feature of Multi-Window for its Note phones, these could be handy on the S5: go into Settings > Sound and Display, then you look for Multi Window to switch it on. How you see a little arrow icon will come up or appear in the left of the screen: slide this out to pull out the Multi Window drawer, and slide it back again to put it away again. Now Once you dragged out you can now long press and drag two apps to the top and bottom of the screen respectively, but if the apps enable it you can easily move data from one app to the other just by tapping the circle on the border between the two app windows.

9. Something to Connect with NFC

Do you know that your Samsung Galaxy S5 has this NFC (Near Field Communication), probably you don’t, well it can make life easier: it can be use for instant peering with accessories such as wireless speakers or wireless printers, and if you use Google Wallet then are good to go because you can use it to make purchases in some shops. All you need to do is tap.

10. How to take pictures in HDR mode in S5

 These is one thing most people don’t know about the (HDR) High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode it allow you to takes amazing shots by taking multiple exposures and stitching them together in a single photo, and your S5 makes HDR easy.

You can find these in your Settings page for the camera app, it worth adding to the quick-access presets in the camera app. This app is so useful in very bright lighting conditions or when the weather’s doing something apocalyptic.

11. Controlling S5 from your computer

Yes you can but have you ever see an Apple’s integration between iOS and OS X and maybe you might thing that “you wish that you could get calls and texts from your phone on your computer” search no more because AirDroid 3 is the awesome app for you: it connects your PC, Mac or Chrome book to your Samsung (or any other Android phone) to give you Google Now notifications. It even offers screen mirroring. Find more on

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