Use Branch to grow your android app and win $10,000

For some time now, android application developers have needed another reward for their passionate work. Here comes a wonderful challenge for android developers.

I got a message from an insider at about an application developer challenge. SDK is used for deep linking for growing your app's user base (and tracking those growth efforts on the dashboard). The challenge is centered on "mobile growth" so measuring app growth in a 30 day time period. And now they are hosting an app challenge with a grand prize of $10,000

The challenge is about using deep linking to measure growth. Integrating the Branch SDK can be done in 15 minutes and it sets you up to measure growth by using deep links (passing parameters through the app store) for download analytics on the Branch dashboard. From there, developers can get as creative as they would like (check out our case studies for how Branch has been used)

All developers can keep it simple and just use Branch to measure growth. Prizes go out for best growth numbers, creativity, UX... And a grand prize for best overall growth campaign

Another magnificent thing about this is that all the growth tools needed are free and open source

Get a reward for your passion now and follow up with this challenge. You can get more information here
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