Generate Blackberry IMEI number with PC or without PC

Generating IMEI has been made much easier. You can now generate blackberry IMEI with or without PC. If you want to use your Glo BIS subscription on your Android phone, then you are at the right place. This tutorial will make any Blackberry subscription plan work on your android phone easily.

Below, I will simply describe to you how to generate blackberry imei number so you can tweak into your device. Click here to see how to tweak imei to your device.

For Glo BIS to recognize your Android phone as a Blackberry device – you will have to generate a unique Blackberry imei number which you will swap with your android MTK imei. In other to generate a unique blackberry imei number for your android phone, follow these 3 steps below.

Remember imei changing is illegal. As-usual this post is only for your information and I may not be responsible for any of the misuses done by you and we are not responsible by anyways.


1. Download IMEI Generator to your PC

2. Unzip the software then copy and paste the three .sys files inside a
Folder on your C: Windows folder

3. Double click on GIPv4.1 to run the file as administrator.

4. Click on generate imei. Then copy all the blackberry imei number

You see there without the pin except if you want to use it for another purpose.


1. Download BBgen for android

[you can download Here ]

2. Install and start generating IMEI at your finger tip

No internet connection needed no extra software installation needed just the BBgen

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