The easiest way to use Glo 3gb on Android phone

It has always been a little tricky using the cheap glo blackberry plan of 3GB for N1000 on android devices.

To use this plan you would have to change the device IMEI number. Sometimes it may not be easy. Though we have listed 4 different working steps to changing the IMEI of android devices in the past.

Now it has become a lot easier with this simple steps you can easily use glo 3 GB blackberry subscription on android devices.

Now the steps:

Step 1: Subscribing to the glo bis plan

In this step you will need two basic things, don't worry they are not hard to find.

Firstly you will need a blackberry device, any model will work.

Secondly you will definitely have up to one thousand naira (N1000) recharged on your glo sim

Now insect the glo sim with the N1000 recharged on into the blackberry device.

To subscribe, simply send comonth to 777 using the blackberry device.

After receiving your confirmation message from glo, then try to surf the internet still using the blackberry device.

You are advice to use it for about 5 to 10 min. on the blackberry device before switching sim

Step 2: switching sim

Now you must have tried browsing the internet with the glo sim in the blackberry device, just switch off the device and eject the glo sim card from it then insect it in the android device to be used on.

Step 3: The configuration settings

Now we have come to the fun part where we change the android device default settings APN

The initial procedures to this might vary with device user interface (UI) and operating system (OS). But the basics is to go to settings »» communication or network settings (as the case may be) »» Access Point Name »» now move down to where the APN is, clear it and replace it with "" then save the settings.

Step 4: use the glo 3 GB on your android device

Now you can use the subscription on your device.

Note: your device might not browse with 3G but to activate the 3G inset the sim card back to the blackberry, with the network to 3G then surf the net or try downloading. Then switch back the sim to the android device

If you have any issues or problem with performing this operation or any previous ones simple use the comment box or our contact box.

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