Secret Code that opens Chess game in Facebook

There has just been a secret code to playing the game of chess with friends on facebook. 


To start up this chess game with friends you need to start a conversation in Facebook Messenger with any friend of yours you want to play the game with then enter the code "@fbchess play" to begin a game of chess with the friend you're chatting with.

Youll need to be familiar with chess commands to move the pieces across the board. For example: command "@fbchess Pd3" would move a pawn to position D3 on the board. If youre not familiar with the codes, its best to have a chess cheat sheet by your side, and after a game or two you should find that its fairly straightforward.

You can even enter @fbchess help if you need instructions. While its not the best method to keep you entertained, it will work.

This is so intresting and help spreed the good news by sharing. 


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