A new report shows that the LG V30 might launch a month earlier than expected in August this year. Or to review the UK market.

Although some claim that the LG plays relatively safe with its flagship smartphones,

LG planned to release the flagship in IFA Berlin, 1 - 6 September 2017

As for LG V30, probably the same path that it will follow all takes with LG LG V20 and V10, to build, and as functional as possible the strangest phone.

LG V20 was held with two screens, a configuration with two cameras, a removable battery, a quad DAC, microSD support, among others. It was also the first phone without Google Android Nougat Pixel, which is to not install a performance. In other words, this phone is a remarkable value, but it was a little expensive.

But LG V-phones have a bad tendency to remain in the US an exclusive treatment. If these phones have acquired a positive reputation, LG would close their eyes as it did the same with LG V30.

That's all we know about the LG V30 and we've recorded exactly how we hope that this next version will be modified.

Meet the point

What The third LG was a typical phone
If he leaves? In the summer or early autumn, matching the output on Android
How are you Not cheap. Obviously, more than $ 700 (about £ 537, AU $ 942)
Date and manufacturer prices for the LG V30

LG phones are generally V last year released by a flagship that, like Apple, is announcing on the market for new iPhone models.

The report claims that the V30 is a little bit anticipated earlier. A Korean source said that instead of starting from September to August 2017, he still does not know what to market on the phone.

LG did not release the UK, so the V30 can not be let go of V20 or V10.

What price, this smartphone is not cheap. Although this is not a lighthouse in a typical sense, it can be expected to close the V30 flagship for a price.

LG V30 rumors, news and features confirmed

More information about this new phone is currently low, although Google has dropped the biggest hint in the Google IO 2017 when it said it had VR sleep support from the box.

This, of course, means that not only the power specification of the Snapdragon 835 is probably behind the wheel, but it is the first LG phone to have the OLED display of the LG G Flex 2-1 Daydream mandatory.

We heard that the LG OLED will bring the latest OLED smartphones this year, including the LG G-7, so that Google has been confirmed or less on the spot.

Two screens

Thanks to the tweets of the technology stick writer Evan Blass, now there's a better idea of ​​how the V30 looks, including the fact that the V30 seems to be the forerunner of the screen.

See full tweet

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