How to Install and use Bixby voice on older Samsung devices

Bixby Voice is Samsung new virtual assistance with almost competitive feature with Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa Smart Assistance. The Bixby voice was launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8, and since launch has been used only on S8, now you can easily install and use the Samsung Assistance Bixby on older Samsung mobiles running on Android Nougat OS

Samsung, however, has a whole range of different devices to support - phones, computers, home appliances, smart devices and more - so it is focusing on making all those disparate devices easy to use via voice commands, which it says will make Bixby fundamentally different to current voice assistants.


The aim of Bixby, Samsung says, is to make all devices and apps seamlessly interoperable via either voice or touch, while delivering contextually relevant features depending on the device and what the user is trying to achieve. In future, Samsung says it wants Bixby to be able to understand incomplete commands and pieces of information too, reducing the need for the user to say any particular phrase or command to achieve an operation.

Now let’s get to making it work for your device.
Firstly, if you do want to test out Bixby right now, you'll need a Samsung device running a version of Android Nougat. In our testing, we used an S7 Edge. You'll also need to download and install a few applications.

The first thing you'll need to do is ensure you have the S8 launcher installed - warning: at this point, you're about to lose your current home screen layout. If you care about such things, either back it up or don't proceed.
Steps to install the launcher
1. Download the apk below
2. Clear Stock launcher "Touchwiz Home" data and cache from settings.
3. Install apk
4. If launcher crashes, clear data and cache again.
5. Press Home button it should work.

To install the S8 launcher, you'll need to side-load it, but you don't need root access. Just download the launcher from the drive link and install it on your device - it's worth pointing out that there's no guarantee that either of these APKs will work for your specific device and the particular build of Android you're using.

Once successfully installed, you just need to also download and install the Bixby APK
Steps to installing Bixby
1. Download and Install Bixby apk.
2. Go to s8 launcher setting by long pressing on home screen.
3. Activate Bixby.
4. Reboot.
5. Swipe left for Bixby.

Now to download and install AOD
1. Download apk
2. Disable AOD and clear it's data
3. Install apk
4. If phone hangs let it sit for a while. Aod will crash couple of times. Clear data again.
5. Go to setting AOD and configure again.
However, is your phone freezing and becoming unresponsive (as ours did). To fix this, you'll need to navigate to Settings > Applications > TouchWiz Home > Storage > Clear Data / Clear Cache to delete the existing home screen settings. Once you've done this, you should be all done, and a swipe to the left of your home screen will show the Flipboard-style Upday widget.

Right now, there's only support for Cards shown by apps, which means no voice control (it only works with US English for now) and few features actually worth all the effort. We'd expect to see a full APK with the voice control functionality built into it in the near future.

Try it all out and lets know your view on and comments.
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