How to set up Google Allo Web Version on Your Windows PC

There have been news and reviews about the release of the Web client of the Google Allo app since early this year at around from February for Windows PC and now Google has finally introduced Google Allo Web version for Android smartphone users utilizing the desktop Chrome browser. The Allo Web version is currently not made available for iPhone but it will be available very soon.

So, if you were waiting for the Google Allo Web version to try out on your windows PC then here I am going to tell you that how you can get or use Google Allo Web Version on Your Windows PC.

Setting up the Google Allo web id quite easy, to get to use the Googlr Allo on your web you will need to input this URL: on your Chrome browser. A page with barcode will appear. Then, you will also need to open the Allo app on your Android smartphone and click the menu then look for Allo for Web option. After clicking on that it will pop up a cam/ barcode scanner screen where you just need to scan the QR code present on the URL mentioned earlier with the smartphone and start using the desktop client of the Google Allo app on Chrome. Quick and easy

Web version of the Google Allo is exclusively available for the Chrome browser and will not work with any other browsers. The entire setup process is pretty similar to the WhatsApp Web setup, and I am pretty sure that you might have been using that for a long time now.

Moreover, there are still some features which are only available on the Google Allo app, including switching or removing Google accounts, adding or removing members from existing groups, notification and privacy settings, and data backup option.

Hopefully soon this feature will be available on the iOS version of Google Allo. And till then let the Android user enjoy the web version of Google Allo
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