Moto X4 - More Leaked images and features

After two years since Motorola last review their Moto X line of smartphones, we have been getting rumor which have been confirmed that there will be a new Moto X; this has been rumored not to be the only Moto device to be released this year.
image source:Android Authority

There have been several fuzzy leaks showcasing its all-glass design, complete with curved edges and a dual-lens camera. This is the first of its kind of rumor; Upcoming smartphone with huge leak information, as reported by Android Authority.

Alongside other recent leaks, the dual-camera setup places the flash above the two lenses. Some other rumors say it comes with a metal body, now we have images showing a metal frame with antenna lines at various increments around the edges. Like on other Moto devices, the X4 adopts the same lock and volume button layout on the right-hand side.

Two variants of the device are said be sold in Brazil. Users can actually choose between having a micro SD card slot or two SIM card slots. Using a dual-tray design, the slot is located up top on the very left. In the package box will be a TurboCharger, while Brazilian markets will also get a pair of headphones.

Brazilian site Tudocelular stated that Motorola sent out invites for an August 24th in Sao Paulo. It’s unclear whether this will serve as an international launch event or whether Motorola will again be doing region-specific releases.

One of the earlier rumors that we heard about the Moto X4 was that it will be the first non-Google phone to be supported on the company’s Project Fi network service. If so, the phone will join the ranks in compatibility alongside the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. And given that the Nexus 5X is nearing obsolescence (at least in terms of receiving major software updates), the Moto X4 could be a wonderful addition for those after an affordable Fi-ready phone.

The Google carrier is currently available in the US only, though it’s an internationally-friendly option as it partners with local carriers in many countries to seamlessly provide Fi customers LTE without the need to switch SIM cards. Given the carrier’s flexibility, letting a third-party phone into the carrier’s loop would seem to be a good move for all parties involved.

Even if the Moto X4 is next to the Fi project, the phone still looks interesting. Because the phone is always without warning, we have not had the chance to use it or test the camera with dual purpose. While the mid-range stocks and the Motorcycle Specifications prescribed price, next Motorcycle phone can still be one of its best.
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