Water discovered in Planet Mars

Mars, the planet next to earth which have been holding on to a whole lot of NASA research resources has recently been confirmed to have water stored in some unusual place.

A reanalysis of readings sourced by the Mars Odyssey probe disclosed that substantial amounts of water ice could be buried just under the Martian surface around the equator of the Red Planet “Mars” which according to the knowledge we have about the climate in Mars shouldn’t be possible

Hydrogen has been used as a reliable indicator of where water can be found. While the orbiter also can't measure hydrogen directly, it can infer it from neutrons it detects when cosmic rays collide with atoms in the Martian soil. This high-tech prospecting technique is what led Odyssey to detect buried water ice on the Red Planet way back in 2002, but at the time the readings indicated that the discovery was largely restricted to Mars's polar regions.

It's an important finding, indicating the potential layout of much-needed water resources that could one day influence where human colonists set up camp when we finally make it to the Red Planet.
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