WhatsApp now allows for sharing all file types

WhatsApp has just launched an update that allows users to share any type of files, documents on its platforms limited to 100MB.

WhatsApp also rolled in a section in its application that groups multiple photos as gallery. This means, when you send five or more photos, they will now appear in one album, instead of one below another. The app will display the first five pictures as thumbnail images, with the fifth picture displaying the number of additional photos that have been sent.

Further text-formatting, which includes bold, strikethrough or it italicise has been made easier by the messaging app. Now users can simple tap and hold text to select the part they want to format. Finally, WhatsApp has introduced various design improvements for voice and video calls.

Cool right, you can have more fun with your WhatsApp messenger sending files and formatting text with ease.

Let’s know your view on this, be to me its cool. 
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