Facebook implies new whatsapp button on its main app

Facebook seems to be running a trial in their main app that features its subsidiary WhatsApp a lot more prominently.

Users have reported seeing an obsessive WhatsApp button within the main Facebook app on android. once clicked, the button acts sort of a shortcut, launching WhatsApp without  leaving the Facebook app.

You may be curious, the dedicated button may be found in the menu drop down. If you happen to be one amongst the users in the management group, it ought to be at the top, right beneath your name. however chances are high that not everybody are going to be able to see it at least not yet..

The whatsapp shortcut is presently being tested on the android version of the app, however it may also be accessible to some iOS users too.

According to Arvind Iyer, who gave thenextweb.com some tip, the WhatsApp button showed up when he switched Facebook’s language setting to Danish. this is not all that is stunning given that Facebook has antecedent chosen Denmark for other limited rollouts – like its standalone video sharing app bonfire.

For context, not the first time Facebook has been experimenting with integration of its subsidiaries into their main app.

In fact, Facebook was noticed testing a similar shortcut for Instagram earlier this month.

Back in 2015, the social media giant shortly experimented with adding a WhatsApp send button within the Facebook app, so users could quickly share their photos and posts with contacts. The feature ultimately never walked its way to the official.
As with the other test, there's no telling if and when the WhatsApp shortcut will become available to all Facebook users.
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