AI app that Recognizes Handwriting, Money and Narrates the Entire world to the Blind. "Seeing AI"

Microsoft propelled its "just-iPhone" Seeing AI application intended to 'portray the world' to blind and visually hindered individuals. The application utilizes AI to recognize what it is seeing, and transform that into a sound description...

The first version as of now made has some stun abilities, including recognizing companions, speculating the feelings of individuals from their outward appearances, perusing printed message and distinguishing items from their scanner tags.

The second version has included four more abilities:

Color recognition: Getting dressed in the morning just got less demanding with this new component, which depicts the color of items, similar to clothing in your wardrobe.

Money acknowledgment: Seeing AI would now be able to recognize the cash of US dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds and Euros. Checking how much change is in your pocket or leaving a money tip at an eatery is considerably less demanding.

Music light indicator: The application cautions you with a comparing perceptible tone when you point the telephone's camera at light in the earth. A recently advantageous apparatus so you don't need to touch hot knobs to realize that a light is turned off, or the battery pack's LED is on.

Penmanship acknowledgment: Expanding on the capacity of the application to peruse printed content, for example, on menus or signs, the recently enhanced capacity to peruse penmanship implies you can read individual notes in a welcome card, and also printed adapted content not normally discernible by optical character acknowledgment.

This app will guidde you and recognize your text.

It can also use the bar-code scanner to recognize items in stores and cupboards.

Microsoft says that the application has so far observed more than 100,000 downloads and assisted with three million assignments.

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